Facebook advertising for business: Do it the right way

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Have you noticed a massive decrease in your business Facebook posts organic reach over the last couple of years? The chances of your Facebook post reaching your audience naturally are slim nowadays, so there’s only one way to bring back the wide reach those organic posts used to achieve, which is by taking advantage of Facebook advertising.

You might be wondering: is Facebook advertising right for my business? Or, is it a cost effective way to reach out to current/potential customers? The answer to both these questions is yes. With over 1,591 billion active monthly users on Facebook, there are so many different audiences to choose from and it’s great for businesses with either small or large advertising budgets because you are in control.

Establish your marketing goals

Before you start your Facebook advertising campaign, it’s important to establish your marketing goals in order to create a plan that can help you achieve them. Whether you want to increase brand awareness in a particular location or boost sales of a product by a certain percentage, you must decide on an achievable goal,  which  will lead to a more successful and cost-effective advertising plan.

Target your perfect audience

The targeting features in Facebook advertising are what sets it apart from other social media networks. You can target customers by their demographics, geographic location and even their specific interest and behaviours. For instance, you can either be extremely specific such as targeting just Males over the age of 50 that live in Sussex, with an interest in building; or you can make it more general and target Males of all ages in the UK.  Either way, Facebook has made it very easy for you to target your perfect audience. It’s also easy to track and compare the amount of clicks and interaction you get with your advert in Facebook Business Manager, so you can determine what appeals to your audience and what doesn’t.

New Facebook Canvas advertising

Another exciting new feature that Facebook launched last month is Canvas. It offers a space where businesses can tell their stories and showcase their products. Canvas ads show up on your targeted audience’s home page available for both Android and iOS, but once they click through, the ad will result in an “immersive, full-screen experience”.

Users can interact with the Canvas ad vertically and horizontally and use different types of content including video, still images, text and call-to-action buttons to give them more freedom and interaction.

According to Facebook, the average viewing time for a normal advert is 31 seconds, which increases to 70 seconds for ‘Top Canvases’. Facebook also claims that 53% of people view more than half of a Canvas clip, which is great news for businesses looking to create more brand awareness or heavily promote specific products!

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