Marketing in 2020 – what’s new for the year ahead?

A new year brings an opportunity for a fresh beginning, but the question for marketers is what will change in 2020? Influencer marketing and video look set to continue an upwards trend, but will any marketing techniques die out come the end of the year? Our experts discuss the possibilities for marketing in 2020 and share their tips for adopting the latest marketing trends into your strategy…

Live streaming

It’s no secret that thanks to the likes of Instagram and Tik Tok, live streaming has seen a boom in popularity over the last year. It might not be a technique suitable for all businesses, but it’s a trend to keep an eye on for your marketing in 2020. For business to business companies wanting to adopt live streaming, we recommend conducting a live Q & A or showcasing a product. For businesses that offer services, showing your team on a job is a good alternative.

Top tip – Plan ahead but don’t work off a script. The beauty of live streaming is that it’s natural for the end user to watch. However, a lack of preparation can leave you with awkward silences to fill – be careful what you say!

LinkedIn marketing in 2020

The end of 2019 saw LinkedIn bring in changes to its advertising offering. If your business targets people working in certain job roles and for large companies, you can target them using LinkedIn. Expect to see changes from other social media platforms in 2020 too. Naturally, marketing in 2020 wouldn’t be complete without a dose of Facebook. The social network announced last year there would be an integrated messaging service between the site and its sister platforms Instagram and WhatsApp.

Top tip – Take advantage of the new LinkedIn audience targeting options. LinkedIn allows users to target people who meet several criteria allowing for more specific targeting.

Google Assistant

Marketing in 2020 wouldn’t be complete without Google. While use of voice search is spiralling, the future for Google Assistant looks rosy. Saying ‘Hey Google’ to set an alarm or play a song is now commonplace in homes across the world. This looks set to become more sophisticated in 2020. You can also expect to see AI (artificial intelligence) being utilised by the data giant too.

Top tip – There’s no better time to review your content and SEO practices. Businesses should ensure their copy is optimised for voice search including longtail searches often used when searching with voice command.

SEO & Featured Snippets

For the uninitiated, a featured snippet is the piece of text that comes up first in search results when you type a query in to a search engine. This has always been coveted but given the increasingly fast paced nature in which users want to find out information, this will continue to be sought after. While not easy to get, having your information in the snippet stops users needing to click on another site to find out an answer.

Top tip – Invest in your SEO and undertake fresh keyword research.  Think about how answering people’s questions can translate into sales.  

Chatbots and email marketing in 2020

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular as customers seek instant answers. While email marketing still has its place as part of a targeted marketing strategy, some brands have found it has taken a hit following GDPR and saturation. A combination of email marketing for updates and chatbots for customer convenience could prove powerful for brands keeping in touch with customers in 2020.

Top tip – Be strict with your email marketing in 2020. Ask if you really have something to say or if your message is going to get lost among the inbox noise.

Data for marketing in 2020

Data will remain important in 2020, but the way it is used should be changing. As brands seek to personalise customer communications and enhance customer experience, data will be used to enhance brand loyalty. As customers continually demand easier ways of ordering products and services, data will be used to analyse customer purchases and preferences.

Top tip – Companies should regularly sort through data to ensure it is up to date and customer privacy is respected. A new year is a great time to check your databases!


Often seen as more traditional marketing, PR has evolved over the years to incorporate more digital ways of working. In 2020, you can expect to see more digital data driving campaigns and editorial decisions. Data from online and social media campaigns will help to influence storytelling and editorial calendars. PR will continue to be influential and powerful, but even more so when combined with other more digitally focussed marketing techniques.

Top tip – Keep a cohesive record of your digital campaign results and any subsequent data or audience information. Pay special attention to circulation and readership information to closely align these with the data you have about those interested in your brand.

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