Video marketing and the launch of IGTV

Video marketing has come a long way since expensive perfectly polished business videos burst on to the scene. While there’s still a place for a well shot and edited video to give your brand a professional, cutting edge, video marketing is now accessible to smaller businesses too.

YouTube, Facebook and now Instagram’s latest video venture IGTV are all platforms that can be utilised for video marketing on a budget. Gone are the days when videos were expected to be super high quality; think about the videos that often go viral in your Facebook feed – many are shot on an iPhone with shaky camera skills and poor sound quality, but it’s the content that matters.

Think about the platform first

It’s important to think about the platform first when it comes to video marketing. Facebook and Instagram videos can be short, and are less about quality and more about how relatable and shareable they are. If you’re planning to use a video in a social media campaign, focus more on the content, and less on the fancy editing and special effects.

YouTube has more of a variety of upload types, with popular ‘vlogs’ being more raw and less edited, and specific genre videos such as tutorials, beauty and lifestyle being more polished and well lit. Since good quality lighting and sound have become more accessible, making high standard videos has become less expensive than it once was.

If you want a video for your company website, it’s wise to invest in getting it professionally done. It may mean an initial expenditure, but as this is where many people will come across your business for the first time it’s important the video reflects the quality of your products and services. A timeless video should work for years to come, so it’s worth the investment.

What does IGTV mean for the future of video marketing?

Over recent years we’ve seen Instagram stories and going live features added to Instagram .With influencers championing the platform and increasingly using it to engage with users in real time, it seems only natural that the social network would offer a video space to rival YouTube.

For the uninitiated, IGTV will now allow users to upload longer videos, making the model more in line with that of YouTube. Last year it was reported that social network giant Facebook would overtake YouTube as the biggest video platform. The combination of harnessing the data held by Facebook owned Instagram and offering further video streaming options means brands and influencers could not only stand to generate brand awareness from IGTV but also potentially monetise content in the future.

Where does video fit in to a marketing strategy?

Video can be equally as measurable and powerful in your marketing strategy as other platforms. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube all offer analytics so like any other campaign you can see how your video performed in terms of views and likes etc. Remember, as well as aesthetically pleasing content, your videos should include a strong call to action the same way that any other form of communication would, and links to your website or social channels. This way, video can be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy, helping to bring your brand to life and add personality.

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