Why a full service marketing agency is so much more than the sum of its parts

If you have made the decision to outsource your marketing, the next step can seem daunting. A simple Google search will reveal a plethora of agency types – from brand specialists, to digital consultants, web designers and media buyers – all vying for business and providing assurances that they are the correct choice to fulfil your business goals. The following blog will provide a clear and concise breakdown of what a full service marketing agency is and what services it provides.

In a nutshell, a full service marketing agency offers numerous marketing functions under one roof. At PRG Marketing Communications these functions include – but are not limited to – web design and development, content creation, social media marketing and management, on and offline PR, graphic design, branding/rebranding, campaign development, email marketing and print management.

Working with a full service agency – often also referred to as an integrated marketing agency – provides access to a wide pool of creative talent. Benefits include;


With access to experts in numerous fields, a full service marketing agency gives its clients access to a wide breadth of expertise and an extensive skill-set.


Keeping marketing ‘under one roof’ ensures cohesion between numerous campaign elements. The different teams can work closely together to provide the best results.


A full service agency has nothing to gain from pushing one service over another, meaning you can be assured that the advice given is based on what is best for your company, not ours.


Working with a full service agency doesn’t just provide access to a team of specialists; it offers access to a wealth of resources too, from software to solutions and analytics.

Clear Focus

A full service marketing agency can provide unbiased insight into which marketing strategies will work best for your key business goals.

We endeavour to breakdown your business goals and use them to create a detailed and comprehensive marketing plan. This marketing plan – once agreed – provides the cornerstone for future activity bringing together online and offline marketing efforts in a consistent and balanced way.

To learn more about PRG Marketing Communications and how our team can help you achieve your business goals get in touch.

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