PR and the power of your business!

There has never been a better time to offer a clear and concise message about your business.

That’s what PRG’s own Account Manager Martyn Leek will convey at the up-coming Let’s Do Business Expo in Eastbourne.

For some, 2017 has been the year of the PR disaster:  with massive brands like United Airlines and Pepsi suffering a consumer backlash thanks to poor customer service and ill-advised media campaigns.

What’s more, businesses are facing uncertain times thanks to the election and the impact of Brexit. How do you gain the maximum coverage for your brand or business in such a confusing national arena? Answer: with the help of PR.

Often an under-used arm of the marketing mix, Martyn will talk about the power of PR, how it can be used effectively to highlight what your business is doing, to consumers and to your own staff.

He’ll also look at the importance of crisis PR and why you need it; how and why the media is changing and how you can capitalise on the evolving media landscape.

He’ll also look at the influence of story-telling and why it is vital you appreciate the social media world when it comes to PR.

Prior to joining PRG, Martyn had worked as a journalist for 19 years, specialising in news in print and B2B, and has the unique advantage of seeing the power of PR from both sides of the fence.

He’s speaking on Thursday, 6th July 2017 at The Winter Garden in Eastbourne.

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