Power your website with WordPress this Worldwide Web Day

August 1st 2017 sees Worldwide Web Day return – an opportunity for marketers, website designers, and those who merely enjoy surfing the web for information, memes and videos to celebrate all that the internet has to offer.

At PRG, our dedicated web team are consistently following the latest web trends, spending their days creating informative and inventive websites for our clients.

PRG’s web client list boasts a variety of businesses from small to large, operating in a number of different industries from the property sector to local nightlife. One thing all of PRG’s web clients have in common is their use of WordPress to power their websites, whether they offer a fully immersive e-commerce experience, or their website simply acts as a portal to advise new and existing clients of products and services.

With that in mind, there’s no better time than Worldwide Web Day to ask yourself if your website is meeting your objectives. There are many different web Content Management Systems (CMS) options, with one of the most popular and reliable being WordPress, hence its popularity with PRG’s clients and businesses the world over.

For the uninitiated, WordPress may appear useful for blogs, but it’s also the driving force behind many of the big brands on the web today, including Coca Cola, Sony and even IT giants Microsoft (Source: premium.wpmudev.org). Why, you may wonder, do so many large companies choose WordPress as their CMS of choice? There are many reasons you may wish to opt for WordPress, including that it’s easy to manage for those not familiar with the back end of websites, and it takes care of 80-90% of Google’s crawling issues.

WordPress boasts some impressive stats when it comes to powering websites all over the Worldwide Web, including being the driving force behind an impressive 30.3% of the top 1000 websites. (Source: premium.wpmudev.org).What’s more; WordPress powers a huge 26% of the internet – not bad for a website builder that many use solely as a blogging platform. (Source: Managewp.com)

If you need any further convincing about the influence of WordPress, most of the websites the CMS powers are business websites, making it a popular option for those wanting an engaging shop window online. If your business is in e-commerce, you’ll be in good company choosing Automattic‘s WooCommerce to act as a home for your online store, as it is currently the platform of choice for 30% of retailers selling goods on the internet. (Source: Barn2.co.uk)

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